May Cha House Raleigh Permanent Jewelry Pop-Up

Our Mother's Day Weekend Permanent Jewelry Pop-Up at Cha House Raleigh was such a great time!  From the copious amounts of bubble tea everyone drank (the addicting Mint Matchojito...yum) to the non-stop laughter, here are some permanent jewelry memories made:

Mother daughter permanent jewelry north carolina
  • We got to be part of an 18th birthday celebration.  This gorgeous gal and her mother came all the way from Jacksonville, NC to get her permanent bracelet and wanted to get one with her mom too for her 18th birthday.  We love that she wanted Mom to be included.  
  • A couple celebrating their 1 year anniversary with matching permanent jewelry.
  • A military couple who met while serving came for matching permanent jewelry and got each other's birthstone connectors.  She got a bracelet and he got an anklet.  
  • Two military wives who met on base when they were neighbors who have created a lifelong friendship. One of them came up to visit the other this weekend from Georgia for a girl's weekend so they could get permanent jewelry together (aka adult friendship bracelets).  
  • A mother of twins couldn't make our Rocky Mount pop up and came to treat herself with an anklet.  Being twins ourselves we loved her immediately.  Her twins turn 2 in June!
  • A mom who brought her daughter, her mother, and herself to get infinity permanent bracelets together and drove all the way from Winston Salem.  All ended up choosing our heart chain infinity silver bracelet.  
  • Moms who came to treat themselves and daughters who came to treat their moms.

Thank you to everyone who drove for hours to get your infinity jewelry and our locals.  Thanks again to Cha House Raleigh for hosting us.