What is an Infinity Bracelet?

A sparkly, custom fit permanent bracelet that is fused onto your wrist that requires no maintenance. These petite bracelets are the perfect classic adornment, customized for you, for life’s celebrations or the just because moments.  A more permanent version of friendship bracelets and commemorative jewelry.

What does "permanent bracelet" mean?

Our Hope Anchored Design jewelers will weld on a custom fit bracelet to your wrist foregoing the need for a clasp.  Because the bracelet is welded on, it does not have a clasp and therefore will "permanently" stay on (until you decide to remove it). The welding is painless and happens in a quick flash of light. 

How long will my bracelet last?

Weeks, months, years. This is dependent solely on your lifestyle, job, and other external factors. If your Infinity bracelet breaks or stretches or needs to be removed, we will do our best to repair it and weld it back on. 

What do I do if my infinity bracelet breaks or stretches?

If it breaks within the first two weeks, we will repair it for free.  We offer delicate chain options for comfort and safety.  To prevent injuries, it may break or stretch should your bracelet get caught on something.  Make sure to save all the pieces and charms and contact us to have it rewelded.  After two weeks, we charge a $25 re-weld fee. 

What if I am unable to wear permanent jewelry?

Some jobs don't allow you to wear bracelets at work...major bummer. We do offer the option to add a clasp to any Infinity Bracelet for an additional $25 fee.

What if I need to take the bracelet off?

We like to think of them as permanent, but they can be safely taken off by cutting with kitchen scissors.  Save the pieces and have them re-welded at a later date.  We charge a $25 re-welding fee.

What bracelet options do you have? 

We have bracelets available in sterling silver and both white gold and yellow gold. Our bracelets vary in price.  Sterling silver options start at $50 and gold options start at $98. Check out our options here.

Can I wear my infinity bracelet through airport security?

Yes! You do not have to remove fine jewelry for TSA.  We have not had any problems with airport security at airports around the world.

How do I get an infinity bracelet?

While we do not have a physical location, we offer two options for getting your own Infinity Permanent Jewelry.

1. We have Permanent Jewelry Pop-ups at local businesses around North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.  Our pop-ups do not require an appointment and is first come first serve.  You can find our pop-up schedule here. Grab your friends & family and join us for a permanent jewelry pop-up near you! 

If you own a boutique and would like to host a permanent jewelry pop-up, we would love to hear from you.

2. We offer Private Infinity Permanent Jewelry Parties.  We bring everything to you.  You and your friends or family gather and get the Infinity Jewelry personalized and welded on your wrists or ankles by a Hope Anchored Designs jewelers.  Multiple infinity bracelets can be on one wrist.  Minimum of 4 bracelet or anklet order or $400 minimum total order.  Please contact us about scheduling a party. 

Infinity Bracelet Parties are perfect for celebrations, birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, work events and more.  Treat yourself!